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The University is dedicated to creating and strengthening partnerships with industry and other significant institutions and/or organizations to maximize research outcomes.

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Puntland Technical University brings together researchers from across the university and facilitates collaborations with industry and government. The university supports hundreds of research projects across the Institute, including those awarded through the European Union for innovative early-stage energy research projects.

The university research department was established to address energy and environmental issues through training and research. The department focuses on training and research in energy resources, generation, utilization and conversion technologies. We recognize that energy is a dominant development component for any nation or community. For this reason, we appreciate the urgency of developing new energy technologies as well as using the existing resources more efficiently and in a sustainable manner.

Our Energy Technology programmes are designed to develop graduates who will address the national as a well as the global challenges in the energy sector. Graduates from the program will be involved in a wide range of careers that may include: finding the most efficient and sustainable ways to operate buildings and manufacturing processes, energy analysis and auditing, development of renewable energy system and technologies, managing the integration of renewable energy generation into existing power systems, energy systems installation and commissioning, project management, energy consultancy, formulation of future energy policies, among others.